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Oh no, it's more SWTOR.


The Boy was over and playing on and off, and he kept insisting he was fine if I kept going, so I went into the Chapter Two end bit and....what? We're going to the Emperor NOW?! That was supposed to be Act 3! But we went there, and it was Scourge! I didn't know it was Scourge when he showed up on Quesh, so I was very excited. I got destroyed by all the mobs on the way there but fought Scourge alright, until THE BANDAGED HEADED EMPEROR showed up and pwned us all.

And then AHHHH IGNITHAS WAS TAKEN TO THE DARK SIDE. It felt very very much like the bit in Fable 2 where you're in prison, and you may not know this but I LOVED the story to Fable 2, and when you come home from prison and there's your significant other and the baby all grown up and HAMMER.....but I digress. Anyway, I just found that all so fascinating, because Hoth's planet quest seemed to be all about how Republic and Empire maybe aren't so different and gain more by working together than they do apart, and there was that poor ex-Sith on Quesh who broke my heart with his shame about killing the Imperials, and then there's Kira....

...and also my headcanon, about Ignithas not being able to tell ANYONE that his mother is on the Dark Council and he'd rather make peace with the Sith than wipe them out, and he looks more like his captor than anyone else he knows, and Malgus probably knows his mom, and he misses her because they can't talk anymore so they can both keep his defection under wraps. There's also my meta-knowledge that Scourge is in KOTOR, and when he talks about Jedi who beat the Emperor's mind control that's REVAN he means, and it was all very, very, very exciting!!!!!!

As much as I think the Imperial Agent storyline is probably the best-written, I thought it peaked in Chapter Two. The story arc of Ch2 was phenomenal; I felt a little let-down in Chapter Three. The Inquisitor storyline kept me pretty equally hooked in 2 and 3, and for the Jedi, starting Chapter Three was a definite Shit Just Got Real moment. I LOVE IT.

tersa suggested I try healer queuing, and this appealed to my sense of being useful to the world at large, so I was all for re-speccing (not that I know what to do with the rotation on the paper in front of me) but I was concerned about gear. At first I was just sticking my tongue out, going "CAN'T MAKE ME" but....

...then I woke up, thought "I should really figure out if I have the right mods," and decided that the best way to do it is to see what mods/enhancements/etc. come on the Elite gear, which is one level above where I can reasonably gear to at this point. I learned that my armor is right, my mods are right, but I have a wrong purple enhancement, dammit. While doing that, I realized that there are not that many differences between the Force Master (DPS) and Force Mystic (Heal) gears other than their set bonuses. This got me breaking out the excel files and reading thousands of lists until hours later I came up with this.

Oh hey, Tableizer, thanks!

My Combo53444130229714414472

I...think that might work? It's not as accurate as DPS or as fast as a healer, but it's pretty close! I bet I could look into augments to narrow a bit of that distance. Or....augment kits could be ridiculously expensive. Whatever. I bought Field Respec, so being able to do both roles with one set of gear makes me a much more immediately versatile player.
ORRRRR LJ could just not send me comments and none of that will work at all.

I healed the Black Hole Heroic today. Someone said I "did okay" and no one got anywhere CLOSE to dying, but that could be because it's a cakewalk for a party averaging level 53. Still, progress! and I suspect I'll be able to learn more about how to use the various heals when I start doing slightly higher level stuff, like Flashpoints I'm overleveled for or maybe the scary scary Section X ;)

A large storm claims to be brewing. I hear it, but the sky is blue and radar (the meterological tool, not my dog) says to expect the storm at midnight. Hmm. Better TOR while the TORing is good :)


Jul. 22nd, 2013 11:45 pm (UTC)

I had a tough, tough time with Chapter 2, because Hoth felt interminable and Balmorra Repside is AWFUL, but I don't want to go baaaack therrre.

Voss: Do the class quest and the first two zones of the planet chain so you can get the Shrine of Healing quest, because it is worth it for the teaser vision you get at the end and because it allows you to acquire the Endurance +4 datacron there. Then skip everything else.

This I might consider, because Voss kicks my ASS. I usually like being over-leveled, so I'll probably do all of Belsavis, but I reall Leaving this how it was because I typed ALL THAT before remembering that I'M ON REP SIDE NOW and get to do a different planet quest.

I want to read well-written f!Agent/Watcher X fic, both because I loved loved loved their relationship and because it is f!Hawke and m!Hawke. >.>

Yeeeees. I would love this too, because it would be fascinating. The whole Watcher culture with the genetic mods is fascinating.

(Speaking of which: did you recognize him as Kira's blonde 'brother'

I DID NOT but in my defense I never did much with an m!Hawke.
Jul. 23rd, 2013 06:46 pm (UTC)
I had a tough, tough time with Chapter 2, because Hoth felt interminable and Balmorra Repside is AWFUL, but I don't want to go baaaack therrre.

I find Balmorra Impside to be more awful than Repside. :| Especially with that extra area in the Balmorran Arms Factory.

Hoth is just interminable no matter what side you're on.

Leaving this how it was because I typed ALL THAT before remembering that I'M ON REP SIDE NOW and get to do a different planet quest.

Haha. Yeah, Impside Voss planet quest in the first area is THE WORST. It's a little better Pubside because Stage #2 sends you to where your class quest is (for the most part--unless you're a Smuggler, then it's just a PITA) and Stage #3 isn't as difficult to get to.

I DID NOT but in my defense I never did much with an m!Hawke.

Ahhhh. Well, it is. And I whined a lot when I got to that part because I didn't want to kill him because NICHOLAS BOULTON. D:
Jul. 23rd, 2013 07:44 pm (UTC)
It might just be that Balmorra Imp-side is before I get fed-up and jaded ;)

My problem with Voss is partially that I hate the first area and its mountain and partially that the planet boss kicks my ass every time.
Jul. 23rd, 2013 08:22 pm (UTC)
reluctantgenius has mentioned the final boss in the planet chain on Voss was the one thing he couldn't solo. :/ So, don't feel so bad about it.

The beauty of my suggestion is, though, you can skip it. :)


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