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'tis an entry about Star Trek. I know some of you may be sick of it, so I'm cutting. Also, I'm crazy.

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Stuff and the like--

1. I have been meaning to say for weeks now that I loved the bachelor party on House, especially Thirteen doing body shots off the hooker and Foreman paying extra for it <3

2. I subbed at my old elementary school last week. Actually, after weeks of striking out I've been getting a lot of Wyandotte jobs, which I love. I love being back there. I love driving down streets and seeing houses built in eight different decades, I love the stone and brick of the schools and how they've aged, how the steps I climbed for seven years still have those same gorgeous tiles. I taught a fifth grade class in my sixth grade homeroom, subbing for the older brother of the valedictorian of the graduating class before mine. I taught a girl whose older brother sat by me in math.

3. My mother recently had a fit of self-indulgence and talked me into doing the same. Thus, I decided that life is short and I really have saved well and bought a Wii (and Wii Fit.) This is my birthday present from me to me. I loves it so very very much. AJ and I basically spent most of the day embarrassing ourselves by failing miserably. The only downside is that my Mii is huge in Wii Fit, which makes me giggle and frown at the same time, since my mom and AJ are sticks and my dad is, while not itty-bitty, still not at all big. That's okay. I'm the only one with a big happy smile too (plus I made all the Miis for my family and can change them horribly if I want ahahahahaha.)

4. I wrote, like, three more pages of my Duke G fic! That fic is so old, it's not even in my main folder anymore. Go team me. Also, while looking things up, I found the TVTropes entry for Tortallverse, and whoever wrote "The Big Guy: Oh my god Raoul" IS MY HERO. Was it one of you? WAS IT? You should totally tell me if it was.

5. I am almost done with Cherie Priest's Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I would be totally done if only I didn't keep falling asleep every time I try to read.

6. I changed my journal again. Someone named boo put up a CSS style sheet for thieving, so I thiefed it, changed the colors and the image, and finally have the style of my dreams.
I have a favor to ask. For the past few days people have been posting their dreamwidth user names and I've been saying "oh, okay, I'll go back and add that person when I have a moment!" Except, uh, I ran out of moments and now I can't find the names anymore :( So, if you recently posted your username and I haven't added you, and you aren't thinking "gosh I wish I could get rid of Chrissy" then please tell it to me here. Only I can see your results, so your privacy is safe with me.

What's your dreamwidth name?

Two things.

1. I became overwhelmed with desperation due to my current failure to connect with the new Lynch, so after ten years of having Mercedes Lackey recced to me (in retrospect, I think it was my friend Mike's way of coming out to me), I got Magic's Pawn at the library and I have to ask-- am I SUPPOSED to hate Vanyel already? He reads to me like some bizarre parody, and the book is so mired in pity for him and I just have to laugh, because he's so PATHETIC. Also, checking wikipedia for how to spell his name spoiled me for the series. Thanks, wikipedia. Really though, I feel like the author WANTS me to sympathize with him, but I so completely cannot.

2. So I heard a radio commercial today, and it horrified me, then horrified me in a different way as I thought more about it. So, I am making a poll, and leaving this entry unlocked so as to get as many responses as possible. If my anonymous friend wants to lecture me again, he or she can have at me.

You can read about the ad I'm referring to here. Poll not valid outside the United States.

Poll #1254944 Obama radio ad

I have heard the Obama "abortion rights" radio ad

For some reason I need a third option

If you heard it, how would you describe the genre of the station you were listening to? (talk, hard rock, top 40, etc.)

If no, these are the genres of stations I usually listen to.

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Edited for multiple typing errors.

Scene: 6:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. I turn on the VS network and catch the last thirty seconds of something called the World Combat League.

It ends. I see the "CBC Productions" logo. I say yay, it's awards time!

It's....Coronation Street. It's on for a few minutes. I am cracking up, because they're putting this on a sports network?!

Then it switches to, uh, the draft lottery? Now, I love the draft. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the draft. But the draft lottery, no I would not like to watch this. And they just said....one day after the regular season wtf.....

WAIT OH. Finally, it's Ron MacLean.

Someone over at VS is really in trouble.

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Jun. 5th, 2008

Well, there was no drunken Fischer (seriously, the highlight of the 2002 Cup) and the camera wasn't on my Wallaby for his turn at the Cup, but I did get to see Holmstrom say what sounded a lot like "We don't need this shit" and generally be the cutest chipmunk ever, and McCarty's interview of Osgood was adorable. And, uhm, oh yeah, the overwhelming feeling of WOOOOOT.

High-fives to all my fellow Detroiters and Wings fans, BIG HUGS to all the Pens fans on my list.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

Just because I want to join in the train, I have to say that I was really disappointed that Sykora did not dedicate his goal to his chinchilla. However, I was quite amused that his post-game interview was only 25% actual words.

It could be worse. There could have been five overtimes. We could have broken someone. We would have been too tired to adequately party down. We could have to go some place much worse.

That said, I may have to kill one of those announcers if I have to hear the phrases "next goal wins it," "nhl.com/edge for stories about the playoff beard,"or "Kronvall" ever, ever again.
What the headlines should read-

Michigan Conservatives: "Gays Not Even Good Enough For the Truth"

In 2004, the people of Michigan passed Proposal 2, which added an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage (as if we could anyway.) The driving force behind this amendment (Citizens for Protection of Marriage) swore up down and sideways that no really, this was just about protecting our families! And no, no, no, we're not going to go after domestic partner benefits, really! I can't cite my source on this, as google won't help me out, but the AFL-CIO remembers it too, so hopefully that's proof enough that I'm not making it up.

Well, it took them four years, but they did it. No benefits for gay partners, court says. Yes, that's right, the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that Proposal Two bars public employers (such as, oh, the public school system) from offering domestic partner benefits.

Get this. This is what really, really makes me rage. Patrick Gillen, a professor at Ave Maria Law School and a coauthor of the amendment, said the court was correct to understand that same-sex benefit policies are an attempt to have "same-sex partners treated as spouses ... to redefine marriage and the family in a very radical way."

EXCUSE ME? That is not what you were saying in 2004. It's the exact opposite. So either you're changing your mind now or you were lying then, and I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I think there might be a commandment against that.

I don't even know what to say. This is not family values. This is sick parents and sick children and lawmakers and judges and worst of all, ordinary citizens who want to keep them from having health care.

I've been trying to write this without profanity, but it's times like these where I can't come up with a better expression of my feelings other that fuck you.

EDIT: In related news, And Tango Makes Three is the most challenged book in public schools and libraries for the second year in a row. I'm laughing and crying at the same time.
Karl Urban? KARL URBAN??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Don't get me wrong, it's exciting to get to lust after him. But. KARL URBAN WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!
I'm having a mix of emotions right now, and at first I wasn't sure I wanted to post about either of them, the first part because it's spammy and the second because I'm not sure I can properly articulate myself, but recent events in both areas have pushed me to make the post.

First, the good Regarding Due SouthCollapse )

The second, and far more serious matter, is related to much more current events.

The most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life, hands down, more than anything, more than all the internet shock sites or horror movies or anything, was on a tv show. I do not remember the name, but I can tell you that it was on Spike TV and it was either about "incredible real-life videos" or "incredible police videos" or something of that sort. This episode was showing at maybe three in the afternoon. I wasn't trying to watch-- I was in the living room doing something else and my brother had it on for lack of anything better to do. In the segment that got to me, the police were called in regarding four girls (probably in their early twenties) who had handcuffed themselves to a tree stump in the middle of a bank. They were protesting something, I don't know why. The officers asked the girls to leave, and they would not. There were threats of legal punishments. I think maybe one or two left. All I remember was what the officers finally did. They put tear gas on a q-tip and stuck it in the girl's eyes. She was screaming in pain. I can't remember anything else, only my sense of nausea and horror and disgust. The girls weren't hurting anyone. They were handcuffed to a tree, and the officers decided to react so violently, so deliberately and sadistically violently. But what really got me was that someone had decided "Oh my God, we need to PUT THIS ON TV!" I couldn't believe I'd seen it, not as part of some news report, but just as part of a collection of videos viewers were supposed to be fascinated by.

If you've been looking at headlines today, you've probably seen the one about the University of Florida student tasered for, apparently, acting violently during a campus discussion thing with John Kerry. I don't want to debate the ethics of the actions of the police-- others can do that far better than I can, and as bad as this sounds, to form my own judgment would require me to watch the obligatory youtube video (in a sad bit of full-circleness, the video is prominently linked on spiketv's homepage) and I will not do that. I've already seen enough. A short clip was played on the noon news here in Detroit. I couldn't see anything, it all happened so fast, but what can clearly be heard is the student begging "Don't taser me, I didn't do anything!" and then screaming in pain. Now, at least this was a news show, with a reason to play the clip, but there was no warning for graphic content.

And I just don't get it, I really don't. Seeing a nipple at, what, nine or ten pm during the Super Bowl is going to scar children for life, but we can show someone begging not to be hurt at noon? I know it's a school day, but kids could easily be watching. These things, these moments of real people in pain, are somehow less offensive than nudity or profanity. Sally Field can't say "goddamn" at ten on a school night, but three o'clock is a fine time to show very large police officers causing pain to young women? How does that make any sense? I'm 24 and I wanted to vomit after I heard that clip; what could it do to a six year old? This kind of moral policing is incomprehensible to me.

(to cheer myself up i'm watching goofy sga interviews. and then i'm going back to fraser as a girl.)


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