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Big Eden

a small miracle

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the mapmaking sort of cartographer
14 May 1983
"I don't think I need special effects and, with my luck, would get distracted by shiny."

Hi, I'm Chrissy. I go by other names as well--often, people who don't listen past two syllables call me Christine.

I watch NFL and college football, and I am a huge hockey fan. Sometimes I cross-stitch and I am obsessed with The Sims 2. Once upon a time I watched too much TV, but then everything I liked went off the air. Despite this, I still really like fandom. It's good for what ails ya.

I am introverted and in recovery from 15+ years of semi-severe social anxiety. I say this as a warning that if I am not very good in conversation with you, it's probably not that I don't like you, it's just that I'm not good with people. I love to listen though, really.

My LJ is primarily a social tool, and thus I feel that I can write the way I talk, which is not always perfectly grammatical and proper. I squee, I do *actions like this* and say things like c'mon and probly and OMG and other sorts of things. I don't use "u" or very much chatspeak and I'm fairly sure my writing will not be overly harsh on the eyes.

My LJ is almost entirely friendsonly, for reasons which I will explain to anyone who wants to know.

"You know, sometimes it's worth it, taking all the pies in the face. Sometimes, you come through it feeling good."


"And how was your day?"

"Sometimes you just stand there, hip-deep in pie."

- from Sports Night

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